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tv   [untitled]    July 22, 2010 4:30pm-5:00pm PST

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school sites and our own central office is not many parents will want to send cash with their younger kids to the schools. there's a lot of logistical issues that are raised here by. this i appreciate where the youth commission is coming from and what their position is and who they're advocating for. we don't object to that position. but from where we stand on a lot of the problems, and especially with the pry or -- prioritization, we end up having to have a set number to send to the school. secretaries are sending cash, keeping track of it. the various burdens are very challenging. so our position is to have this centrally located, whether it's through a central depository, a distribution center, a mailing system that prioritizes and use that as a way to increase our number, or do it through maim
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plus so that it's donen -- done online to accommodate those that don't have access to internet. there's different ways to go about this. right now we are not incline to do this through sales at the school site. >> i just want to add something real quick. i definitely think that san francisco unified school district services should be an interest gal part of this. i also want to note that the first day of school is august 16. that's kind of right around the corner. in the hopes of the youth commission, is to get the ball rolling rather fast. september hopefully can be the first month that we can start this program. two other notes i wanted to throw in there. >> i do appreciate how you reformatted the application form
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and maybe we can take note of that in some of the applications. i do think that this is a little unclear in terms of what the application is like. i like how you guys redid it. do you have an extra copy of that that you can give? >> are there any other questions? >> why don't we open it up to -- why don't we see how many members of the public want to speak and then we'll come back for questions in a second. why don't we provide two minutes per speaker and invite up any individuals interested in speaking, come forward. if there are other speakers, if they could come and line up so we have a sense of how many speakers we'll have for this item. >> good morning, supervisors, and commission. as you know, transportation will be cut to high school student starting this august, and with the assignments, many of the students -- schools across the city instead of neighborhood schools and these students are
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promised with the transportation system and the school buses in the morning, which will take them to school and after school. i don't know about the budget cuts, to cut teachers or buses. the obvious answer would be to cut teachers. but from my experience, when i take the school bus, i have female bus drivers who also take their kids with them. i feel like we're not just cutting buses, but we're also cutting bus drivers, too. so i would like to suggest that maybe we pay for transportation. is that possible? and also, with muni, i know that it's not very consistent, and in the morning, muni often, like, skips bus stops.
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so are they going to increase buses for the high school students also? >> so when you finish, it's knot actually not a back and forth. so you have the two minutes to make your statement. >> that's it. >> ok. great. thank you. let me ask, are there any other members of the public that wish to be heard or give testimony on this item? you've actually spoken as a member of the youth commission, so let me just say are there any other members of the public that wish to be heard on this item? seeing none, we'll close public comment on this item. one of the speakers' questions was about, does muni operationally plan for additional ridership by students, and they do in fact do that. julie was here earlier and it did not appear that those questions were going to arise,
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but there is communication that goes on between the schools and muni and at times if there's going to be a large group of students taking a trip, muni will arrange to have a vehicle at that stop that will start fresh and then run the route so that they can accommodate those students, and there is coordination and communication. i guess one of the things as we brief for this hearing, commissioner kim and myself learned that there are less than 400 high school students that are going to be riding muni in order to go to high school with the elimination of school bus. so i thought it was a much higher number and i thought it was going to have a bigger impact on service than it appears that it will. so anything else that you want to add? >> not really, supervisor dufty. that's essentially where we are right now with it. as you pointed out, we have approximately 310 students who will be affected by our cuts. this is mostly in districts one
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and four going to the schools in gal lay owe, balboa, o'connell, and mission. we are working as you know from our meeting yesterday, we are in very good dialogue with muni. we have a good relationship. and one request has come to us to make sure they have a kep of all -- copy of all of our melt schedules. those have not been produced yet. we'll be continuing this dialogue throughout the year. supervisor dufty: great, thank you. i do want to note that i think some of the discussion that took place at the committee today with the youth commissioner, also with muni, i think that there's going to be a fair amount of follow-up work that we'll do outside of the committee and then hopefully come back with these issues again as we get to the beginning of the school year and hopefully update on some things and have some news to report back. so with that, colleagues, i know there are some quorum issues that we're going to have if we go much longer. so with that, i would ask that
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we continue this item to the call of the chair so that we can reschedule it without objection. madam clerk, i believe we've completed the business of today's hearing. so with that, we ared a youred. thank you so much.
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you are so lost. no, i'not, man. dude! i dropped my phone. oh, the road! whoa. yeah. you know what i'm saying. how would you like to save your life from an ugly reckless driving death? don't answer yet, there's more! act now by slowing down and we'll guarantee you complete satisfaction! kids: that's awesome! announcer: in the real world... passenger: whoa, andy, slow down! >> welcome to san francisco.
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[inaudible] [applause] >> good morning, and welcome to san francisco international airport. it is a great day to be your flying to toronto. i'm the director of community affairs here. it is my pleasure on behalf of the airport commission an airport director to welcome all of you today to this very special day. we are very excited that virgin america, which less than three years ago was just an idea, continues to expand and grow and really set a foot in the bay area. it has really grown from that small footprint just three years ago. the growth is possible because of the partnership between the airport and a lot of people and
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organizations, and one of the great organizations we partner with is the san francisco commission of business bureau. it is my pleasure to introduce the director. >> thank you and good morning. what a great day this is. i would like to recognize charlotte schulz on the podium. it is always great to see you. great audience for a great day to start a new service. it was three years ago on august 7 that virgin america first took off out of san francisco and really changed the airline industry in this country. it is the only airline based in san francisco, which is something we are very proud of. the only airline based in california, as a matter of fact. once they have done since they started three years ago has changed the way people fly, making the travel experience part of the whole thing and part of what makes travel so fun. it is helping san francisco's economy, california's economy, and today, is the first
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international flight for virgin america, and that is a great step forward. we look forward to the partnership and look forward to long-term success for both virgin america and california. thank you very much. [applause] >> about five years ago, when the idea of virgin america started, the airport wanted to be the home base of that airport, and we went to sacramento's governor's office, and they would be if -- they were behind us 100%. it is my great honor to present the governor of the great state of california, mr. arnold schwarzenegger. [applause] >> thank you very much. nice introduction. i want to thank richard branson, my very good friend for being here today, and mayor newsom, charles schulz, chief of protocol, and this is really exciting to fly of here. i want to say that five years
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ago, this idea began, and i have been very happy to have been helpful making sure that the help -- hub for virgin america comes to san francisco and california. it was a long battle, a difficult battle, it was not easy, but we got it done. this is a great contribution for the state of california. it is bringing business to california, bringing in this airline to california, the only one, and really helping us with the revenues. there will be job creation over the next three years, 500 jobs a year. this is really extraordinary, and now, to announce, to celebrate the first international destination to fly to canada, to toronto. that is a great expansion of the business here, and to expand the
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airline business or any business during an economic downturn is a real challenge, let me tell you. i want to congratulate richard branson for his great vision and for being such a great business leader and having confidence in the state, wanting to expand his airline here and to fly out to other destinations. he will make some other announcements afterwards because this is just the beginning. what i also like is that these airplanes are modern airplanes, the most sophisticated and energy efficient air plants, and that is very important. this airline consists of about 25% less fuel. that means greenhouse gas reductions of 25%, so this is quite an accomplishment, and it shows you can be successful in business and also successful in protecting the environment. at the same time, i have to say that i am a big fan of this
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airline business in the first place. i think this is way the future is, and they are expanding the building right now. 50 new airplanes, all energy efficient. i want to thank you again for your great contribution, so give them a big hand. thank you very much. now, i would like to bring out richard branson to tell you about his vision. thank you. [applause] >> it is a great honor to have governor schwarzenegger fly with us today. it is a great honor to be met by mayor newsom, both of whom have done an enormous amount to try to help get virgin america established. many of the big carriers did not want to see us get established here in america. and see? they even get somebody to speak over me when i am talking. anyway.
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it was great that we finally got all the commissions -- permissions sorted, and virgin america is up and running, and it has achieved incredible things. we were voted best airline in america this year, we have been voted best business airline in america. that is down to the 2000 wonderful staff both on the ground and in the air that make virgin america so special. today is a great day. the first international route to canada. we're looking forward to one hell of a party tonight in canada to celebrate. i think i can also announced that we will be doing our second international route later on this year mexican cities as well. [applause] that is the beginning of a big expansion program.
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there is a very big announcement later on this year about lots more cities to be flown to, but that will come later on in the year. i want to say thank you very much for coming, and thank you very much for getting up so early and everybody else for getting up so early today. and a look forward to seeing a lot of you on board in a few minutes. thank you. by the -- [applause] >> thanks, richard. good to see you. it was one of the best decisions ever made to locate our airline in the bay area. a lot of people at the time were thinking, "what are you locating an airline in such a high-cost area with an airport flow -- prone to weather delays?" very simply, and has paid off in the environment we're in, the
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environment of innovation, freethinking, and creativity. that has allowed us to go with and is something very different than what has been done in the airline business. we have 1600 teammates. after less than three years. we will be adding over 1000 in the next 18 months and 500 a year for the next 18 months after that. as was announced earlier today, we will be starting new service into mexico from both san francisco and los angeles into cancun and from san francisco into kabul, so be a nice place to go down and warm your bones during the cold winter. this is really a test of the to the great teammates of virgin america, and i know there are some around here. thank you for the worked you have done and the great service you provide, and, of course, to our guests. you keep coming back and spending your hard-earned money. we're going to do more great things here. i appreciate everything the governor did and the mayor did and has done in order to support
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our airlines, and with that, i think i will hand it over to the mayor. thank you very much. mayor newsom: thank you guys. welcome back, richard. i think it was three years ago, and who would have thought in the midst of the biggest economic downturn and, at least in my lifetime, one of the biggest in the nation's history that this airport would continue outperformed every other big city airport in the united states of america. [applause] it is amazing -- in 2009, we saw an increase in passenger volume here at the san francisco international airport, at a time when people are contracting, not expanding, we are expanding at $383 million new terminal, which will be one of the greenest expansions of any airport in the united states. we're going to have a slow food pavilion, farmers market, all these valiant -- all these values that everyone loves to
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walk us about our being put together in this extraordinary environment and playing so well to what the government just mentioned, and that is the values of virgin america, a long-term business strategy, long-term branding strategy, a strategy that supports the environment and approach to the governance of the airline in an industry that needs a new spirit and an entrepreneurial approach. i'm very proud of their success, your extraordinary accomplishments, in the last three years helping us meet these milestones. you brought in competition, and i believe this to the core of my bones, that competition is good. competition is really good from the customer perspective. we have seen average fares for similar routes dropped almost 1/3 since virgin came to san francisco. you brought jetblue in because they did not want to be in oakland. you brought southwest in because
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they did not want to be left out, either. so congratulations to richard, david, congratulations for your stewardship. to the staff at the airport, keep up the great work. to the ubiquitous team members of the virgin, you are everywhere. you guys are in my office, getting photographs, doing treasure hunts. everywhere there is a cable, that -- everywhere there is a cable car, there are divergent people -- there are virgin people. charlotte has been encouraging that. the governor is not so convinced, nor is homeland security. anyway, thank you for being out here.
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congratulations. we are really proud of the partnership. one final point -- this is about jobs, and when we say jobs, do not just listen to what they just said. it is not 1000 jobs that they have here in the bay area. it is the multiplier effect. that is the big thing about airline business. for every direct job, they create five indirect jobs. that is why we are doing this. that is why this is a big deal. 500 jobs? ok, but we're talking about 2500 jobs every single year. the cabdriver that gets the benefit, the restaurant door, the folks at the hotel. the entire region is dramatically benefited. governor schwarzenegger, on behalf of your team, this is the first the partnership we had together. this has paid huge dividends and goes to the spirit of the times, the spirit of our state.
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again, i thank you for your leadership and, richard, again for your wise decision, and, david, again for your wise decision to be here. thank you very much. >> thank you. if you would move to our right, we will have a representative officially open the gates to toronto for virgin america. >> many people are not aware of this building was built in 1936. as a board to preserve the history and make the students aware of that history.
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the partnering between sfmoma and the arts commission means they will be more aware of the artwork that we have here, the artists that painted a, and the history behind this itself. >> students came from george washington, and it was wonderful to have them on a panel. people from the school board, those who have been painting for years, some conservative errors from the getty. to have them tell us about the works of their school was important. it represents african-american artists to during the 20's and 30's used an incredible body of work. it is one of the most incredible works of art in the city, bar none.
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it is a huge mural of incredible works. >> the san francisco civic arts collection has been in existence since the turn of the century. it consists of everything from monument to golden gate park to market street, other works in the collection, from the wpa era, the quite tower, the works from the george washington high school. we have the contemporary education, where they depict some of the vocational arts that were taught at george washington high school. what is interesting is the artist's and corp. of some of the -- incorporation of some of the architectural elements. they used the speaker from the p a system as part of the design. on the opposite side of the library, we have a large fresco which depicts the academic subjects that were taught at the
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time. it serves as a foil to the other fresco in the library, we have academic subjects on one side, vocational subjects on the other, and result is the concept of a well-rounded education. additionally, what we plan to do is the academy of hospitality and tourism will be part of, so the students can share with other students, faculty, the neighborhood, and others to come by and what to look to the artwork we have. >> by working with the students, we hope to raise awareness of the collection and foster stewardship. we brought diego rivera to the
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city. i think the wpa art work is characterized by stylized robustness and a pervasive occupation with a historical. in this panel, we have a depiction of george washington moving west. what is interesting about it is the image of lewis and clark here is in black and white, something that is occurring in the future, painted as though it was in the past. what is interesting about it is the very obvious conclusion of slavery. the number of students were expressing unease around some of the themes. the additional mural would be placed in the school, one with more positive representation of the student body. in 1974, they completed three
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panels that were placed in the library -- in the lobby. they depict native, latino, asian american, and african- american heritage and culture. >> that artist was talking about the history coming alive. that is what we want for the students here. i also think they might share that with past alumni and the community, so they could no the treasure that we have here in the schools. many people have the same experience i did when i first walked into this building three years ago, being the new principal. the grandeur of these murals is fantastic. many of the students who have come here have come here and are very proud of these murals. they're so happy that they're still here and are being preserved. >> to